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As a medical community we do a poor job of secondary fracture prevention in patients with low trauma hip fractures.

Goal: Development of a 10-20 minute osteoporosis video to use in endocrine clinic prior to appointment, ideally could be used in other settings in future.

We have been working to improve the delivery of care to patients with established osteoporosis through partnership with MMP Trauma Orthopedics/ Fracture Liaison Service.

A detailed and extensive patient discussion is usually required to decide on therapy, and this discussion is often similar for most patients with osteoporosis. We aim to create a video which would introduce information about osteoporosis treatment, answer initial questions and dispel myths about osteoporosis medicine. Hopefully this video will be used in the endocrinology office, and eventually outpatient medicine clinics, orthopedics and the acute rehab settings.

Ultimate Goal: Reduce osteoporotic fractures through: •Improved patient understanding of diagnosis •Improved patient compliance/acceptance of medical therapy •Reduce the repetitive nature of osteoporosis visits for provider as well as overall time required, and thereby reduce wait times and physician burnout.


Presented at the 2020 MMP Quality Improvement Symposium