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Introduction: Scholarly peer review is the cornerstone for maintaining quality and relevance in the medical literature. Few programs that support peer-reviewer training have been described.

Methods: We developed a 2-pronged approach to support peer-reviewer training at our institution. This approach included a formal online course that offered a certificate of completion and an informal group manuscript peer review (GMPR) meeting held monthly.

Results: A total of 13 participants completed the online course in the first 2 years (2017-2018). Nineteen enrolled in the third year. The GMPR met regularly over 3 years and reviewed 26 manuscripts. Typical attendance has been 8-10 interprofessional faculty and learners per session.

Discussion: The online course has gained increasing enrollment over its first 3 years, extending beyond the institution and even internationally. Over half of learners who have completed the course are now engaged as peer reviewers for our institutional journal. The GMPR meetings have had consistent, interprofessional attendance, providing a spectrum of viewpoints and levels of expertise.

Conclusions: We propose that both an online training course and GMPR meetings are viable options to support and build a scholarly peer-reviewer community of practice.



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