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Introduction: Splenic hemangioma is a rare vascular tumor of the spleen. Typically asymptomatic, these lesions can present with rupture and hemoperitoneum. Clinical Findings: We report the case of a patient with no previous abdominal surgery that presented with symptoms and imaging consistent with small bowel obstruction (SBO), and an incidental finding of a splenic lesion. Main diagnoses, therapeutic interventions, and outcomes: At diagnostic laparoscopy, a ruptured splenic hemangioma was identified, with obstructive ileus due to hemoperitoneum. The patient subsequently underwent splenectomy to prevent recurrent bleeding. Conclusions: Splenic hemangiomas are rare vascular neoplasms of the spleen, which can be complicated by rupture. While obstructive ileus is a common post-operative phenomenon, it is rarely seen in association with vascular anomalies. This case represents a rare presentation of small bowel obstruction, highlighting the utility of diagnostic laparoscopy in patients with no previous abdominal surgery.



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