The partnership care delivery model: An examination of the core concept and the need for a new model of care.

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Journal of Nursing Management

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Health Care Delivery, Nursing, Quality of Care Management


Aim This article describes the foundation of an emerging care delivery model based on partnership. It also reflects on and synthesizes the findings of earlier concept analyses of its core concept.

Background Changes in the delivery of health care services in the United States have been driven significantly by cost containment over the last 20 years. This has resulted in an unprecedented pace of work, fragmentation of care, and medical errors. Fundamental changes are needed to meet the needs of today’s health care environment.

Methods A literature search was done in electronic data bases. Concept analysis papers were reviewed and synthesized.

Results The antecedents, attributes and consequences of partnership are described and linked to the supporting literature and theoretical models.

Conclusions Engaging and empowering the patient through partnership seem to be crucial to developing a cohesive and effective model of care delivery. Partnerships among patients, their families, physicians, nurses and other clinicians positively impact on safety, quality of care, satisfaction, outcomes and job fulfillment.

Implications for nursing management Managers need to foster an environment that allows for stronger reciprocal relationships. They need to facilitate changes in practice that support the development of partnerships among patients, their families and all care providers.

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