Building Bridges: Implementing Pedagogical Changes Within Nursing Education and Practice...28th Annual Scientific Session, June 2-6, 2017, Baltimore, Maryland.

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Nursing Research

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Research, Nursing Organizations; Quality of Nursing Care; Congresses and Conferences Maryland; Maryland


Background: In Fall 2009, a New England public university school of nursing (SON) and an urban medical center (MC) began to address a predicted shortage of nurses by means of piloting an integrated approach to nursing education. Purpose: The purpose of this presentation is to focus on one aspect of the project which looked to explore how nursing education and practice can work together in meeting the demand of a complex and increasingly technological workplace. Methods: This was a 3-year study that admitted 44 students in two cohorts. Students were required to be Certified Nursing Assistants, and meet criteria for admission to the accelerated program (previous undergraduate degree). The project focused on integration of learning between classroom, laboratory, simulation, and clinical experiences. Ten SON faculty and five MC staff were recruited to team teach nursing courses. Qualitative data were collected through focus groups from student participants and SON faculty/MC staff that described student and faculty experiences. Thematic analysis was conducted from tapes and transcripts obtain in the focus groups. Results: The results showed considerable appreciation from students and teachers regarding team teaching with clinical nurse teachers being embedded in the classroom and laboratory. Some of the other themes included: learning to think like a nurse, challenges of being a nursing student, and adopting a new model of teaching/learning. Conclusions/Implications: Conclusions and Implications of the study included: the value of integrating clinical faculty into the classroom, that sustainability of the model is challenging, and that this model supports students learning to think like a nurse.

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