Operational Excellence

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Fall 9-6-2019


Operational Excellence, Maine Medical Center

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nurses, tertiary hospital, quality improvement, patient engagement, patients, baseline survey, root cause analysis, specialists, educational materials, goal followup survey, staff


It is estimated that 65% of the population are visual learners. With that in mind, a team of cardiac nurses in a large academic tertiary hospital developed a quality improvement project to hopefully improve patient engagement as well the patients’ perception that the nurses explained things in a manner that they could understand.

Baseline patient survey scores for the question, “Nurses Explained Things In A Way That I Understand”, were under the 75thpercentile for a period of 9 months. A root cause analysis was conducted and it demonstrated numerous reasons for this score.

Several countermeasures were instituted to include the use of I Pads for patient education. In conjunction with the hospital IT specialists, cardiac educational materials were developed and videos chosen for I Pad use. A daily KPI was established to track progress of their i Pad usage goal.

Follow-up survey results demonstrated significant improvement post I Pad implementation to the question “Nurses Explained Things In A Way That I Understand”. Next steps include further education of nursing staff on educating patients in the use of I Pads as well as adding other cardiovascular educational materials.