Operational Excellence

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Fall 9-5-2019


Operational Excellence, Maine Medical Center

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catheter associated infections, urinary tract, healthcare associated, indwelling urinary catheter, quality improvement, root cause analysis, intensive care, UTI


Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are the most common type of healthcare associated infections. Seventy five percent are related to indwelling urinary catheters. These infections come with increased morbidity and mortality risk. A team of intensive care providers at a large academic tertiary medical center initiated a quality improvement project to reduce the number of CAUTIs.

Baseline data established the total number of catheter days and CAUTIs by month. A subsequent root cause analysis was completed and several counter measures were developed to include a KPI implementation to track that all intensive care providers are educated in CAUTI and creation of a special care quality team.

As a result of the countermeasure implementations, the number of CAUTIs has decreased. Next steps includes development and rollout of best practice indwelling urinary catheter maintenance.