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A gastrocutaneous closure device allows gastrocutaneous fistula closure from external abdominal access through the fistula site. Access through the fistula ensures accurate closure placement on the interior lumen wall of the stomach. A closure or clip has a plurality of prongs defined by a deformable material, such that the prongs extend radially from a central hub in an arcuate or curved, semicircular shape. The arcuate shape converges towards a central point or axis at a distal end, and the proximate end of the prongs attaches to the central hub such that the prongs radiate from the hub and the distal end curves back toward the axis through the hub. The deformable prongs may therefore radially compress or retract to define a larger or smaller diameter. The fistula lies on the axis such that the biased, inserted prongs pull the inner stomach wall closed around the healing fistula.

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Maine Medical Center


Maine Medical Center, University of Southern Maine

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