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The invention relates to novel degradation resistant FGF-1, and methods for producing and using the same. More specifically, the invention relates to identification of a thrombin degradation resistant FGF-1, an a nucleic acid encoding the same. The thrombin degradation resistant FGF-1 can elicit responses that are otherwise typically impeded by degradation of FGF-1 by thrombin. Thrombin degradation resistant FGF-1 is an important molecule for effecting an FGF-1 response that would be otherwise inhibited by thrombin. Thus, the present invention provides a powerful therapeutic for diseases or disorders wherein an FGF-1 response can mediate a reduction in the frequency or intensity of a symptom of the disease or disorder but for degradation of FGF-1 before it can effect the response.

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Maine Medical Center, MaineHealth Institute for Research


MaineHealth Institute for Research, Repair, Inc.

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