Introduction to quality improvement tools for the clinician.

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Journal of Perinatology

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Quality Improvement; Clinical Assessment Tools; Infant Care; Physicians; Schools, Medical; Models, Theoretical; Curriculum


As physicians continue search for ways to deliver high quality care to their patients and families, newer tools and methods are being introduced. Initially developed by manufacturing, quality improvement methods have been slowly adopted by healthcare and are now standard curriculum in medical schools. The IHI Model for Improvement allows for teams to create. model for change, test proposed changes in clinical situations, measure the results and then accept or modify the proposed changes. Additional tools such as process maps, Pareto charts, Ishikawa diagrams, and key driver diagrams provide structure and visual representation to the team during the creation and implementation of. quality improvement initiative. As participation in quality improvement is becoming an expectation for all health care providers, familiarity with these tools will assist teams with implementing improved processes in their local systems of care.

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