Increasing Referrals to a Community Paramedicine Fall Prevention Program Through Implementation of a Daily Management System.

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Nursing, Trauma & Acute Care Surgery

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Journal of Trauma Nursing

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Accidental Falls Prevention and Control; Program Implementation; Quality Improvement; Referral and Consultation; Emergency Medical Services; Management Information Systems; Community Health Services; Human; Aged; Multimethod Studies; Surveys; Summated Rating Scaling; Data Collection Methods; Data Analysis Software; Descriptive Statistics; Correlational Studies; Regression; Aged: 65+ years


This quality improvement project was undertaken to improve trauma service referral compliance to an existing home-based elderly fall prevention program through the implementation of a daily management system (DMS). Operational excellence, a hospital-wide initiative, provided the foundation for improvement efforts. This initiative went through a series of 5 plan, do, study, and act (PDSA) cycles and demonstrated significant improvement in referrals from 0% to 100%. Compliance with referrals after the retirement of the key performance indicator remained high at 95.5%. Results from this project provided support for the framework set forth in DMS and PDSA improvement methodologies as a feasible option to implement quality and process improvement projects. Further study in this area is warranted.

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