Disability-Adjusted Life-Years Due to Stroke in Kenya.

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Maine Medical Center Research Institute

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Quality-Adjusted Life Years, Kenya, Stroke, Disabled Persons


BACKGROUND: There is little information on stroke morbidity in Kenya to inform health care planning. The disability-adjusted life-years (DALYs) are a time-based measure of health status that incorporates both disability and mortality.

METHODS: This was a multicenter prospective study in Kenya's public tertiary hospitals conducted in 2015-2017. Data on sex, age, and global disability outcome were collected and used to calculate the sum of years of life lost prematurely due to stroke (YLL), the years of healthy life lost due to disability (YLD), and the DALYs.

RESULTS: Up to 719 adult stroke patients participated in the study. The peak age group for stroke was 60-64 years, with ischemic stroke accounting for 56.1% of the stroke cases. After 1-year follow-up, the YLD were 2,402.50, YLL were 5,335.99, and the DALYs were 7,738.49. YLD contributed 31% of the total DALYs. The DALYs varied by sex (male: 2,835.79; female: 4,902.70 years) and by stroke type (ischemic stroke: 4,652.98; hemorrhagic stroke: 3,085.51). The young age group (< 45 years) bore a greater burden accounting for 35.6% of the total DALYs.

CONCLUSION: The YLD, YLL, and DALYs observed reinforce the need for targeted prevention of risk factors and comprehensive stroke care initiatives in Kenya.



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