Feasibility of a Nurse Coached Walking Intervention for Informal Dementia Caregivers

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Western journal of nursing research

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Actigraphy; Caregivers; Dementia; Feasibility Studies; Female; Humans; Male; Walking


This study's purpose was to determine the feasibility of a nurse coached walking intervention for informal caregivers of persons with dementia. Participants were randomly assigned to a nurse coached intervention or a control group. Five male and 27 female caregivers ( = 32) participated. Measures included steps, walked well-being, and perceived stress. For steps walked, each group experienced a statistical difference ( = .01 control; = .02 intervention) and large effect size (0.90). Neither group had a statistical difference in well-being ( = .38 control; = .08 intervention) or perceived stress ( = .56 control; = .18 intervention). The intervention group achieved a large effect size in well-being (1.38) and moderate effect size in perceived stress (0.51). A 0.94 pedometer adherence, self-reported user ease with technology and 100% retention rate support feasibility. Many participants described feelings of loneliness and grief, but reported the pedometer motivated them to walk.

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