Pediatric refugees in Rhode Island: increases in BMI percentile, overweight, and obesity following resettlement.

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Family Medicine

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Rhode Island medical journal (2013)

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Adolescent, Africa, Asia, Body Mass Index, Child, Child, Preschool, Female, Humans, Male, Obesity, Overweight, Prevalence, Refugees, Retrospective Studies, Rhode Island


OBJECTIVE: To evaluate BMI change among pediatric refugees resettling in Providence, RI.

METHODS: Retrospective chart review of pediatric refugees from the initial evaluation to year 3 post-resettlement at Hasbro Children's Hospital. Primary outcome of interest was within person change in BMI percentile at each time point.

RESULTS: From 2007-2012, 181 children visited the clinic. Initial prevalence of overweight and obesity was 14.1% and 3.2% versus 22.8% and 12.6% at year 3. From visit 1 and years 1-3, there was a positive mean within person change in BMI percentile of 12.9% (95% CI 6.3-19.6%s), 16.6% (95% CI 11.2-21.9%), and 14.4% (95% CI 9.1-19.7%).

CONCLUSIONS: The prevalence of overweight and obesity increased from 17.3% at initial intake to 35.4% at 3 years post-resettlement to surpass that of American children (31.7-31.8% for 2007-2012). Refugee children have additional risk factors for obesity; multidisciplinary interventions must be designed to address nutrition at each visit.



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