From Concept to Publication: Effectiveness of the International Network for Simulation-Based Pediatric Innovation, Research, and Education Project Development Process at Generating Simulation Scholarship

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Pediatrics, Medical Education

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Simulation in healthcare : journal of the Society for Simulation in Healthcare

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Humans; Child; Fellowships and Scholarships; Peer Review


BACKGROUND: As simulation matures, it is critical to develop pathways for researchers. A recent analysis, however, demonstrates a low conversion rate between abstract and peer-reviewed journal publication in our field. The International Network for Simulation-based Pediatric Innovation, Research, and Education has used the ALERT Presentation process for the past decade as a means of accelerating research. In this study, we analyze the scholarly products attributable to ALERT Presentations. METHODS: Surveys were distributed to all International Network for Simulation-based Pediatric Innovation, Research, and Education Advanced Look Exploratory Research Template (ALERT) Presentation first authors from January 2011 through January 2020. Presenters were asked to provide information on abstracts, grants, journal publications, and book chapters related to their ALERT Presentation, as well as basic demographic information. A structured literature search was conducted for those ALERT Presentations whose authors did not return a survey. The resulting database was descriptively analyzed, and statistical correlations between demographic variables and scholarship were examined. RESULTS: One hundred sixty-five new ALERT presentations were presented over 10 years. We identified 361 associated scholarly works (170 conference abstracts, 125 peer-reviewed journal publications, 65 grants, and 1 book chapter). Sixty-one percent (101 of 165) of ALERT Presentations produced at least 1 item of scholarship, and 59% (34 of 58) of ALERT Presentations that resulted in at least 1 abstract also led to at least 1 peer-reviewed journal article. Presenter gender was associated with likelihood of journal publication. CONCLUSIONS: The ALERT Presentation process is an effective approach for facilitating the development of projects that result in disseminated scholarship. Wider adoption may benefit other simulation and education research networks.

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