A Pilot Educational Intervention to Support Primary Care Provider Performance of Skin Cancer Examinations

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Oncology, Medical Education

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Journal of cancer education : the official journal of the American Association for Cancer Education

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Humans; Skin Neoplasms (diagnosis, prevention & control); Texas; Education, Medical, Continuing; Curriculum; Primary Health Care


Educational interventions to support Primary Care Provider (PCP) performance of skin cancer examinations typically train PCPs to "triage and refer," an approach that may result in diagnostic delays in regions without appropriate access to dermatology care. To address the needs of PCPs and patients in regions without appropriate access to dermatology care, we developed a multi-faceted pilot intervention, including a curriculum and telementoring, designed to support PCP performance of skin cancer detection examinations. Our intervention offers two levels of proficiency: "triage and refer" and "diagnose and manage." The pilot intervention was conducted in collaboration with the Texas Tech University of Health Sciences Center El Paso, TX Family and Community Medicine Department (TTUHSC-El Paso). Participation in the intervention was voluntary, and 18-22 family medicine resident physicians completed the intervention tests. The participating family medicine resident physicians demonstrated statistically significant gains in knowledge and self-efficacy at the immediate post-intervention time points. Further adaption of the pilot intervention is needed to meet the needs of practicing PCPs. The pilot tests require further adaption and validation. Translating education delivery from live/synchronous to interactive virtual/asynchronous modules will support greater educational dissemination, and telementoring support is essential to address challenging cases encountered during patient care.

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