Effect of a multi-component intervention on providers' HPV vaccine communication

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Obstetrics & Gynecology, MaineHealth Institute for Research

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Human vaccines & immunotherapeutics

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Adolescent; Child; Communication; Health Knowledge, Attitudes, Practice; Health Personnel; Humans; Papillomavirus Infections (prevention & control); Papillomavirus Vaccines; Parents; Vaccination


: To evaluate the effect of a multi-component intervention including communication training on provider beliefs and recommendation practices around the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine using both self-reports and audio-recordings of clinical interactions. : We conducted a mixed method study at five family medicine and pediatric practices. Providers self-reported beliefs and practices about HPV vaccination via surveys and qualitative interviews conducted pre- and post-intervention. We also assessed provider recommendation style using audio-recordings of clinical interactions pre- and post-intervention. Content analysis was used to identify themes in qualitative interviews. Matched pre- and post-intervention surveys were analyzed for changes in provider beliefs and attitudes. Pre- and post-intervention audio recordings of clinical interactions were analyzed for observed differences in recommendation styles. Bivariate analyses of quantitative data used Chi-square and Fisher's exact tests; t-tests were used for continuous variables. : Providers reported in interviews that the intervention led to communication changes by increasing their knowledge, reframing the HPV vaccine as a routine vaccination, and providing tools for engaging with parents. Surveys indicated that the proportion of providers reporting that the HPV vaccine is one of the most important adolescent vaccines increased from 71% pre-intervention to 100% post-intervention ( = .03). Audio-recording analysis demonstrated that use of an indicated (presumptive) recommendation style increased from 62.5% pre-intervention to 79.6% post-intervention ( = .047). : Educating providers about HPV vaccination and giving them tools to facilitate communication with parents can reframe HPV as a routine adolescent vaccination and motivate providers to routinely use effective recommendation styles in practice.

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