Paul Clairmont and his connections to American surgery

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Langenbeck's Archives of Surgery

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Humans; United States; History, 20th Century; History, 19th Century; Europe; Surgeons; General Surgery (history)


PURPOSE: To examine the life and influences of Paul Clairmont (1875-1942). METHOD: Review and analysis of published and archival information. RESULTS: The Clairmont family was associated with famous individuals in English literary history. Paul Clairmont himself was born, educated, and trained as a surgeon under Anton von Eiselsberg in Vienna. As a junior faculty member in 1908, he was the first general surgeon to publish a report for German readers on the remarkable progress of American surgery. Later, as Professor of Surgery in Zürich, he was a mentor to Alton Ochsner, who became a leader in the further development of surgery in the USA. CONCLUSION: Paul Clairmont's interesting life was an important link between the classical science and practice of surgery in Europe and its continuation in America.

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