Evaluating Health Economic Outcomes of Autologous Skin Cell Suspension for Definitive Closure in US Burn Care Using Contemporary Real-World Burn Center Data

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Trauma & Acute Care Surgery

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Journal of Current Medical Research and Opinion


Background: As new treatments for managing patients with burn injuries become available, it is imperative to consider the overall potential impact of both patient outcomes and costs to the burn center (BC). Health economic evaluations (HEE) can aid BC to assess new treatment options. Historically, the National Burn Repository (NBR) has aided in HEE with two limitations variables are captured in an aggregate fashion over a 10-year period and it has limited data on resource utilization and procedure types. This prohibits real-world evidence development and effective HEE for new treatments. Our goal was to collect timely real-world data (RWD) and conduct a HEE to better understand the differences between anecdotal evidence and RWD in burn care treatment patterns and outcomes.