Pediatric Obesity Care via Telemedicine: Expanding the Path Forward-A Review

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Current obesity reports


PURPOSE OF REVIEW: Review latest data regarding the intersection of pediatric obesity epidemic with telemedicine expansion to meet the need of equitable obesity care in children. RECENT FINDINGS: Prevalence of pediatric obesity in the USA continues to worsen particularly in rural, underserved areas. Although there is an increasing number of obesity medicine specialists over the last decade, availability varies by geographic location. Pre-pandemic centers were limited, rarely located in rural areas, and required in-person visits for reimbursement. Telemedicine changes, responding to pandemic needs, provided increase in telemedicine utilization and acceptance with similar or improved obesity care outcomes. Given pediatric obesity prevalence and need for chronic, effective obesity care, leveraging telemedicine to expand reach and decrease access barriers provides a critical and creative remedy. Data cites similar outcomes between telemedicine and in-person care. The time to reimagine a full spectrum of care delivery for pediatric obesity is now.