Endourologic Management of Stent Retained Over 22 Years in Patient with Duplicated Collecting System

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Journal of endourology case reports


Retained and subsequently encrusted stents can lead to a number of complications, the most dire being deterioration of renal function. Limited literature exists concerning endourologic management of stents retained for extreme durations and few that concerns patients with abnormal renal anatomy. A 70-year-old man with history of Crohn's disease and partially duplicated collecting system presented with rising creatinine and was found to have bilateral retained Double-J stents, originally placed before small bowel resection 22 years prior. The patient underwent staged bilateral percutaneous nephrolithotomy with ultimate effective removal of both stents. The patient has had subsequent improvement in renal function and has not required dialysis. Removal of ureteral stents in a timely manner is paramount to prevent long-term retention and complication, but when required retained stents can be safely managed with a well-planned endourologic approach, even if significant deterioration in renal function has occurred.



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