Operational Excellence

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Summer 6-17-2019


operational excellence

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seizure patients, epilepsy monitoring, patient safety, companions, quality improvement, root cause analysis, pediatric epilepsy, monitoring system, goal


Seizure patients admitted to an Epilepsy Monitoring Unit located within an academic tertiary medical center have a high potential to impact patient safety. As a result, a unit based team identified a need for a higher level of training for both their staff and float companions to ensure safe and standardized care for this group of patients.

The goal of this quality improvement project was to create an educational tool that would assist 100% of staff in better recognizing and responding to seizures. Baseline metrics and root cause analysis demonstrated a lack of consistent information being taught, a poorly identified target audience as well as educators.

Several countermeasures were instituted to include an educational video that standardized seizure and response education. Data collected post rollout demonstrated several positive outcomes to include zero safety events involving this patient population, meeting the goal of 100% of staff educated, and education being mandatory for new staff.

Some of the next steps include expanding training to staff caring for pediatric epilepsy patients as well as a tele-sitters video monitoring system request for FY20 budget year.