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Fall 9-6-2019


Maine Medical Center, Maine Medical Center

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patients, mechanical ventilation, memory, caregivers, goal, brochure, anxiety, understanding, root cause analysis, survey, health literacy, brochure survey, educational materials, survey


Patients on mechanical ventilation often have no memory of events while being ventilated. In addition, families during this time, are often overwhelmed and unable to retain information provided to them by caregivers.

In attempt to address these issues, a team of care providers in an tertiary academic hospital established a goal to create a mechanical educational brochure with the goal to reduce associated anxiety and improve overall understanding of information provided.

As part of a clinical transformation project, a root cause analysis was conducted and a number of countermeasures were initiated. Some of these included a survey to capture feedback from families of patients on mechanical ventilatiion. From that feedback, a brochure was developed that met readibility for low health literacy.

Pre brochure survey results demonstrated that 80% of the families desired educational materials to include how best to communicate with their loved ones as well as how to become more active in their care.

Next steps include re-surveying families to see if the brochure strenghtens the patient and family care experience and revise content as needed.