Southern Maine Health Care (SMHC) is a nationally-accredited, award-winning, not-for-profit health care system. We deliver a wide range of high-quality medical services including: Biddeford Medical Center: Full-service medical center with a 24/7 Emergency Department Sanford Medical Center: York County’s only inpatient behavioral health units with a 24/7 Emergency Department Primary care, specialty care, diagnostic and rehabilitation services Walk-In care locations in Kennebunk, Saco, Sanford and Waterboro Integrated behavioral health services


Submissions from 2021


COVID Primary Care Remobilization Through Schedule Improvement and Care Team Optimization, Christine Cote, Catherine Boucher-Cornelio, and Jordan S. Peck

Submissions from 2020


COVID-19 and preeclampsia with severe features at 34-weeks gestation., John N Hansen, Jason Hine, and Tania D Strout

Submissions from 2019


Approach to the Diagnosis and Management of Subarachnoid Hemorrhage., Evie Marcolini and Jason Hine

Submissions from 2018


Complications of long and intermediate term venous catheters in cystic fibrosis patients: A multicenter study., Teresa L May, Alex H Gifford, Thomas Lahiri, Adam Black, Janet Trang, Alexandra G Cornell, Karyll Gonzalez, Scott Morin, Mark Napier, Christine W Duarte, and Jonathan B Zuckerman


Increase referrals to MedAccess at the SMHC Pharmacy, Sarah Jones and Kim Beaudoin

Submissions from 2017


An Unlikely Cause of Hypokalemia., Jason Hine, Ari Schwell, and Norah Kairys

Submissions from 2015


Tu1731 Safe Definitive Endoscopic Management of High-Risk Polypoid Lesions of the Foregut Using Combined Volume Reduction and the Loop and Leave Technique., John Walker, Suraj Gupta, Hani Jarawan, Joshua Penfield, David Klibansky, and Douglas A. Howell

Submissions from 2014

Resveratrol: Highlights of Relatively Recent Interest in an Old Chemical., Ted Wissink and Matt Stevens

Submissions from 2011


Getting a handle on specimen mislabeling., Jennifer Granata