Journal of Maine Medical Center
Innovation Highlights

The Journal of Maine Medical Center strives to promote innovation by highlighting reports of novel educational or clinical initiatives.

These initiatives might include: a) a pilot project with the potential to lead to larger-scale solutions, b) the introduction of a new approach to a challenge facing the wider medical community, c) a glimpse into a program at an early stage of development, d) a description of a novel, cutting-edge approach that might be generalizable to other situations or institutions, or e) an emphasis on the preliminary evaluation of an early experience and how it informs next steps. Examples of clinical initiatives include new, cost effective medical devices, novel technologies, or innovative processes and systems that improve patient care.

One approach to framing the focus of this type of submission would be to ask the question: should this innovation be tried in other settings or disciplines? Of note, innovations do not have to be successful; manuscripts may report on approaches that others should NOT adopt.

Innovation Highlights should have the potential for replication in other disciplines or settings. Descriptions should be sufficiently detailed to allow others to replicate the approach, and must include feasibility information (time, costs/materials, and acceptability) as relevant. An Innovation Highlight must demonstrate that the authors’ work has significant implications for the continued study of the stated problem.

Please refer to the format requirements at https://knowledgeconnection.mainehealth.org/jmmc/aimsandscope.html#SubTypes