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INTRODUCTION: Entrustable Professional Activities (EPAs) have been proposed for use in undergraduate medical education. The ability of faculty to entrust students with EPAs may differ between Longitudinal Integrated Clerkships (LICs) and traditional block clerkships.

METHODS: Participants were core clerkship faculty, 64 in a LIC and 31 in a sequential block clerkship. We administered a web-based survey at the end of the core clerkship year to measure preceptors’ typical entrustment (on a scale of 0–10) in students for the 13 American Association of Medical Colleges Core EPAs. We compared entrustment between LIC and block faculty using a Mann-Whitney test.

RESULTS:LIC faculty were more entrusting of students than block faculty in 12 out of 13 Core EPAs (p

DISCUSSION: LIC faculty were more likely than block clerkship faculty to entrust core clerkship students with performance of most EPAs. This finding is likely the result of LIC faculty having increased familiarity with student abilities because of the continuity of supervision and education inherent to LIC. More research is needed to ascertain the specific features of longitudinal clerkships that increase faculty entrustment of students.

CONCLUSIONS: Longitudinal educational experiences may facilitate the assessment of medical students with EPAs.



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