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To address gaps in care team improvement-science education and connect geographically dispersed learners, we created a healthcare improvement certificate program, now completing the third program year, for inter-professional (IP) healthcare teams, including third year medical students.


This hybrid learning program consists of five modules: Learning Healthcare Systems, Improvement Science, Patient Safety and Diagnostic Error, Population Health and Health Equity and Leading Change. The curricular materials are comprised of focused readings, concise videos, faculty-moderated discussion boards, weekly synchronous calls of participants with faculty, and a longitudinal improvement project. The faculty are content experts, and worked with a curricular designer to define learning objectives and develop content.


We have completed three years of this six-month program, training 61 participants (17 of whom were medical students) at 14 sites. In the third year, several medical students participated without an IP team. Development of the materials has been iterative, with feedback from learners and faculty used to shape the materials.


We demonstrate the development and rollout of a hybrid-learning program for diverse and geographically dispersed IP teams, including medical students. Time restrictions limited the depth of topics, and scheduling overlap caused some participants to miss the interactive calls. We plan to evaluate the utility of the program for participants over time, using qualitative methods.


This educational model is feasible for IP teams studying improvement science and implementing change projects, and can be adopted to dispersed geographic settings.

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