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Introduction: The primary objective was to investigate the effectiveness of a fully staffed electronic communication system (1Connect) in delivering timely critical imaging results and incidental findings. The secondary objective was to evaluate the financial impact of this system on a radiology practice.

Methods: From January 2014 through June 2016, the 1Connect database was retrospectively reviewed and sorted by category of submission type: Critical (1-hour communication time), STAT (2 hours), or Unexpected finding (3 business days). The percent of successful communications completed within the appropriate time frame was calculated for each priority category and used as a measure of the system’s efficiency and effectiveness. The financial impact of 1Connect was then estimated using an average radiologist salary in Portland, Maine, combined with the radiologist time saved using this system.

Results: More than 96% of time-sensitive results (critical and STAT categories) were communicated within their predetermined time limits with the 1Connect system. Using this system, the estimated value of radiologist time saved by 1Connect staff was approximately $50 997 per year.

Conclusions: Spectrum Radiology’s 1Connect system presents a novel approach that supports timely and cost-effective communication of imaging findings to treating providers. While patient outcomes and safety were not evaluated in this study, patient care is likely enhanced when critical findings are promptly communicated to referring providers.



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