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Application of Best Practices


Problem Statement: The Interprofessional Partnership to Advance Care and Education (iPACE™) model and its core principles are spreading across the MaineHealth system. Thus, there is a need for a standardized approach that is adaptable and incorporates the requirements of diverse patient care settings.

Background: In 2017, the original iPACE™ model was designed and piloted on a new teaching unit for adult internal medicine at Maine Medical Center. Analysis of the pilot data showed improved teaming, care team experiences, interprofessional collaborations, and patient satisfaction. Because the pilot model will require adaptation to be successfully implemented in other disciplines, the authors sought a framework to facilitate implementation of core iPACE™ principles in diverse clinical care settings.

Application/Recommendation: The Design Thinking (DT) framework was selected as a structured, standardized approach to accelerate innovation and implementation of the iPACE™ model in a new patient care setting. The DT framework consists of 6 consecutive process steps and iteration loops: Understand, Observe, Point of View, Ideate, Prototype, and Test. This paper outlines specific metrics and activities in each step, as well as opportunities for tailoring each step based on the care setting.



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