Volume 4, Issue 2 (2022) July 2022

From the Editor


Thanking Our Reviewers!
Robert Bing-You

Original Research


Association Between Primary Care Provider Status and Preventive Health Care Among People Who Inject Drugs
E Katherine Nenninger, Katherine Sharp, Bianca Bustamente, Kim Murray, and Kinna Thakarar

Application of Best Practices


Cardiovascular Service Line Chaplain at an Academic Medical Center: Creation, Implementation, and Establishment
Joan Carr Myers, Kristiina Hyrkas, Tim Kafer, Sheila Parker, and Douglas Sawyer

Innovation Highlights


Who and How: Telemedicine Eligibility and Participant Guidelines in the Ambulatory Setting
Tracy Jalbuena, Rebecca Hemphill, Megan Selvitelli, Jasmine Bishop, Adam Ouellette, and Rachel Alfiero


Projected Utility of the Ready Set Return Application
Erin Hartigan, Cassidy Sirois, Jonathan Lindau, Taylor Lockwood, Valerie Nesom, and Nan M. Solomons

Case Report

Research and Quality Improvement Brief

Reflections in Medicine

This confocal immunofluorescence photo illustrates the study of regulation of adipose differentiation. Cells are precursors of fat cells treated with CTHRC1 protein, which suppresses their differentiation. Blue - DNA. Red - cytoskeleton. Green - transcription factor YAP, which suppresses adipocyte differentiation.