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Introduction: Family nurse practitioners (FNPs) are registered nurses who are trained at the master’s level and manage the care of patients in the primary care setting. FNP postgraduate training programs further prepare them and ease their transition from education to practice. Although these programs are emerging and relatively new, they are becoming more common as graduates and employers seek further preparation to practice in the primary care setting.

Methods: Interview questions were developed using guidelines from the Consolidated Framework for Implementation Research. Participants were selected using convenience sampling. Fourteen semi-structured interviews with key informants were conducted between July 2021 and August 2021. Interviews were recorded and transcribed using Zoom. Data were analyzed using thematic analysis, and key themes were identified.

Results: Key informants had similarities in their responses. Themes identified through analysis included program implementation, resident selection, funding sources, and program evaluation.

Discussion: The network of FNP postgraduate training programs is growing. Program directors are eager to share their progress with others and willing to collaborate with those seeking to implement programs. Given the evolving complexity of patients in the primary care setting, the increasing responsibility of FNPs, and the rise in postgraduate training opportunities, FNP postgraduate training programs are emerging as a means of bridging education to practice.

Conclusions: The findings of this research indicate commonalities between programs and suggest long-term program standardization. The unique combination of emerging federal grant funding, accreditation options, and a stronger support network among participants suggest potential for future program creation and expansion.



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