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Introduction: An application (app) that summarizes best practices may promote standardized care among clinicians treating patients during anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) rehabilitation. The purpose of this study was to test the prototype of the Ready Set Return (RSR) app to determine receptiveness for use in clinical practice.

Methods: Two mock patient cases were used to familiarize 19 physical therapists and athletic trainers with the RSR app. Then these participants provided feedback about the user experience, features, and content using Likert ratings and free-text fields through an online survey.

Results: Most participants (89%-95%) would recommend the RSR app to others and noted that the app would allow them to stay up to date with current practice. Thematic analysis of free-text responses indicated that the app was easy to navigate and that evidence-based progressions and clinical milestones were useful in clinical practice. Users suggested enhancements that included adding patient access and specific treatment options.

Discussion: Generalizable findings suggest that clinicians appreciated the details and images of specific tests and measures; automatic test scoring; and standardized benchmarks to progress care. Specific findings suggest the RSR app’s summary of evidence-informed practice may help standardize care, specifically for patients undergoing rehabilitation after ACL reconstruction.

Conclusion: This subset of clinicians reacted positively to the prototype and felt that the RSR app would benefit their practice and patients. This feedback will guide the next iteration, advancing from a low-fidelity to high-fidelity prototype.



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