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Introduction: There is a shortage of psychiatric providers trained to work in community settings with people with serious mental illness (SMI) and associated comorbidities. We designed an innovative psychiatry rotation and curriculum for psychiatry residents and other learners.

Methods: The rotation incorporates working with our Assertive Community Treatment team and includes home visits, assertive outreach, and visits in other community settings. It was designed to improve learners’ confidence in their understanding and skill set for working with and treating people with SMI in the community on an interprofessional (IP) team. This pilot quality improvement project evaluated psychiatry resident responses to the rotation using a standard evaluation form (residents) and post-rotation debriefing (all learners and IP staff).

Results: Preliminary responses to the evaluation form indicated that the rotation improved residents’ confidence in their knowledge of underlying approaches, social determinants of mental health, and community resources. The rotation also improved their skills in working collaboratively with people with SMI, IP teams, and people with serious substance use disorders. Debriefing sessions revealed that the rotation was rated highly by learners and IP staff.

Discussion: Preliminary results suggest that the rotation (1) was well received by learners and IP staff and (2) increased residents’ confidence in their understanding and skill set for working in community psychiatry on an IP team.

Conclusions: Using an IP team model, this rotation provides an opportunity for improving learners’ confidence in their expertise, skills, and understanding of how to work with patients with SMI and comorbidities who are marginalized and difficult to engage.



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