Volume 6, Issue 1 (2024) Winter 2024

Invited Editorials

Original Research


Use of Syringe Service Programs in Rural vs Urban Maine: A Harm-Reduction Study
Lisa W. Miller, Kim Murray, Emma DayBranch, and Kinna Thakarar

Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Exemplars


Results of a Needs Assessment: Use of Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Data in Health Systems in Maine
Lucy Soule, Melissa Fairfield, Sivana Barron, Natalie Kuhn, and Brandy Brown

Case Report

Research and Quality Improvement Briefs


Maine Medical Center Experience with Explantation of Left Ventricular Assist Devices
Laura Onderko, Lauren Vickerson, and Andrew Schwartzman


Sports-Related Concussion Management and Guideline Awareness in the Primary Care Setting
Stephanie K. Eble, Oleksandra Pashchenko, William Patterson, Christina T. Holt, William Dexter, and Kristine Karlson


COVID-19 Prevalence and Trends Among Pregnant and Postpartum Persons in Maine by Rurality and Pregnancy Conditions
Charlie O. Grantham; Christina M. Ackerman-Banks MD; Heather S. Lipkind MD, MS; Kristin Palmsten ScD; and Katherine A. Ahrens MPH, PhD


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