Volume 3, Issue 2 (2021)

Invited Editorials

Original Research


County and Demographic Differences in Drug Arrests and Controlled Substance Use in Maine
Trajan F. Hyde, Amadea D. Bekoe-Tabiri, Amalie K. Kropp Lopez, Luis G. Devia, Belsy D. Gutierrez, Matthew C. Lara, Anthony R. Soto, Daniel E. Kaufman, Matthew T. Moran, Kevin J. Simpson, Dipam T. Shah, Michelle Foster, Clare E. Desrosiers, John Hebert, Stephanie D. Nichols, Kenneth Lee McCall, and Brian J. Piper


Missed Opportunities: Documentation and Referral Rates Among Children and Adults with Obesity
Heidi Walls, Christina Holt, Amy Haskins PhD, and Williams Dexter


Patient Transport in the Time of COVID-19: Using Health Care Failure Mode and Effect Analysis with Simulation to Test and Modify a Protocol
John Kwock, Jeffrey Holmes, Shelly Chipman, Erin Siebers, Angela Berry, Sonja Orff, Victoria Boutin, and Leah Mallory

Application of Best Practices

Innovation Highlights


Total Body Photography and Sequential Digital Dermoscopy Imaging for Melanoma Surveillance in Patients Starting Natalizumab for Multiple Sclerosis
Tyler Nussinow BA, Amanda Robinson NP, Biljana Beretich MD, Kathryn Stevens NP, and Elizabeth Seiverling MD

Case Reports


Case Report: Pheochromocytoma Presenting with Cushing’s Syndrome and Hyperglycemia
Elizabeth Garbitelli, Halla Bates, Cheryl Liechty, and Robert Bing-You

Research and Quality Improvement Brief


Qualitative Evaluation of a Certificate in Health Care Improvement for Interprofessional Teams
Hannah R. Martin; Eilish W. Carpenter; Peter W. Bates; Erin M. Graydon-Baker; Mark G. Parker; Jordan S. Peck; Debra Rothenberg MD, PhD; Isaac Z. Stickney; Ghassan A. Saleh; John E. Wennberg; John Tooker; Robert Trowbridge Jr; and Kathleen M. Fairfield



Healthcare Systems Should be Leaders in Patient-Centered Sustainability
Katherine T. Liu MD, FACP and Lesley B. Gordon MD, MS